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Updated: May 7, 2021

Just how many calories do we burn doing DIY?

Fancy burning a few calories while you whittle away on a new home project? Well, what if we told you DIY fitness really was a thing, and you could burn hundreds of calories by doing it? Whether you’re looking to lose some weight or you just want to get your fitness levels back in check, DIY could do you some good! It’s time to put your gym bag down and give good old DIY a try, and here’s why…

DIY fitness vs general exercise

Let’s take a look at the kind of exercises typically done at the gym and compare them to the workout we get when doing DIY tasks.

A 30-minute brisk walk on a treadmill could burn around 120 calories, while a run for the same duration could burn up to 240. For a 30-minute session on an elliptical machine, you could lose anywhere from 170-320 calories.

For rowing machines and the stationary bike, you’re looking at around 260 calories for a moderate paced 30-minute workout. While these are all great at helping your weight loss efforts, they can be quite intense and let be honest, down-right boring!

When you’re working on a DIY project, you’ll do a surprising amount of heavy-lifting and cardio exercise. Painting your walls can shed a massive 225 calories an hour - if you’ve got 4 walls to paint and at least 2 coats to apply, you’re looking at a lot of burnt-off calories. Stripping wallpaper with a steamer and scraper can also burn off 270 calories an hour. When you add on the extra effort of pasting on brand new wallpaper or applying paint, you’ve got an arm day workout to rival any exercise class! If you’ve ever worked with sandpaper, then you’ll know how much of an arm-burner that is, too. General gardening can burn between 200-400 calories an hour, while more strenuous jobs like bricklaying can chip off 360 calories.

Why DIY wins every time

Although DIYing isn’t as quick as a gym workout, it still comes out on top in our opinion! Not only can gyms be daunting and costly, but they can be harder on your body, too. Simple DIY projects like decorating your room or doing a spot of gardening are kinder on your body - and as you’ll be doing this for a longer period of time, it also works out at around the same amount of calories as a gym workout would burn anyway!

But the main reason we think DIY fitness obliterates any other form of fitness is simple - you get something out of it. When you do a regular workout, all you get is a sweaty body and the satisfaction of working out. With a DIY project, you get to burn calories while you work on creating something for yourself, whether it’s building a new garden shed or a popping fresh lick of paint on your walls. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

Now that you know how good DIY fitness can be for your health, what will you be making to burn off those calories? Whatever you decide to make next, do it safely and in style! Always remember to follow precautions, wear the right gear, and for some real comfort while you work on your DIYing, take a look at our DIY Queen clothing range!

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Happy DIY-ing

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