How to become a DIY Queen!

You’ve made it to the women’s side of DIY - congrats! We’re sick of gender norms telling us what we can and can’t do, so we’re here to help fellow craft-loving ladies get into the wonderful world of DIY. Now, we’re not talking about changing a lightbulb or painting a few walls - we’re talking full-on DIY renovations and crafts projects! Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or you want a way to feel more independent, DIY is a great way to build up your skills, creativity, and confidence. Plus, it’s an easy and fun way to redecorate your home and furnishings on a budget.

It’s about time we women rise up and show these men how to really do it yourself - here’s what it takes and how you can become a DIY Queen!

What you’ll need

To get yourself going in the DIY industry, you’ll first need a basic tool kit: screwdrivers, hammers, utility knives, handsaws, tape measures, spirit levels, and drills are all great tools to have!. Of course, you can’t have tools without some hardware, too - a large supply of screws, nails, and glue is always good to have at hand. Check out our "Getting Started" page for some inspiration.

To finish off your transformation, you’ll need an outfit fit for a DIY Queen! Throw on some of our DIY Queen comfy clothes you’ll be able to move around in effortlessly, like our seamless leggings and our oversized pink hoodie, and don’t forget to wear some goggles, gloves, a hard hat, and any other PPE while you’re working away on your projects!

What you can make

So many women are getting into the DIY industry recently as a cheap way of redecorating and reviving their homes. DIY is great for upcycling old furniture and can be a good creative outlet for those looking for a new hobby or pastime. You could transform outdated kitchen cabinets easily with some modern-looking vinyl wrap, or turn an old wooden pallet into a vintage herb greenhouse - the possibilities are endless! The best part about DIYing is that your home will be full of your character. You’ll have the complete creative range to do whatever you want, to whatever style and look you choose!

Imagine not having to rely on your other half to do those pesky odd jobs around the house. Well, DIY isn’t just about renovating old furniture or crafting something completely new - although these are some of the things you can do. With the right knowledge and skillset, you’ll be able to put up shelving units, hang mirrors, and even mount TVs onto your walls! No more waiting around for anyone else - you go this on your own, girl!

How to learn

You’d be surprised at how easy is it to learn the ways of DIY. You can find hundreds of crafting and renovation tips online and through YouTube videos - so there’s no need to head back to school or take any courses! Mostly, you’ll learn to hone your skills through good old trial and error. It’s completely normal to make a few mistakes when you’re starting out, so don’t beat yourself up about it - just remember to grab some backup materials in case of any hiccups you might make! Don’t rule out social media as a way of learning the DIY craft either, as there are plenty of fellow DIY Queens on Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram that will be happy to help you on your projects.

DIY Queens you should be following:

At DIY Queen, we’re all about building a safe community for female DIYers! Women helping women is our kind of thing, so we’ve hand-picked a few DIY Queens we absolutely adore and want to share with you! Check out these crafty queens on Instagram for some major DIY inspo:





There are thousands more accounts to follow and learn from.

Now that you know everything you need to start your DIY journey, all that’s left to do is get crafting - good luck!

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